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It resides in the growth product or software in marketing and advertising. Whereas it allows you to achieve the specific growth and higher level of market shares you currently have. This also results in expanding the user base and experience more user to the product marketing. Four growth Strategies - 1)Developing penetration - Makes the increase in share market and develops user base. In this, it makes customer attractive marketing strategies and makes customers away from your competitors. 2) Increases development - It makes the development of the market and analysis the market before development and after development. Which also helps to develop an existing offer and can be sold to the newly developed markets. 3) Product development - The development of the product or launching the product in the market helps the product grow in more wide space in the market or organization. It is used to extend the time limits given by the customer to increase turnovers of the specific company. 4)Diversification - It is the riskiest part of the market in which a new product is launched in a new market. Which undoubtedly no one knows will it make a profit or loss to the company?

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